Budtender Interview #19 - Tray

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Budtender | Washington

Name: Tray

What state do you work in?: Washington

Care to share which dispensary you work at?: Would rather not. 

Do you work Retail, Medical or both?: Retail

How long have you been in the industry?: I’ve been working in retail cannabis for a year and three months. 

How did you go about getting into the industry?: Quit the job I had at the time to apply to recreational stores. It happened quickly, I answered an add and thanks to my years of retail experience I was hired in no time. 

How did you react to your first day working? Was it mind blowing?: Yes and no. I’ve been around a lot of weed in my past. It was weird that one of my first tasks was to count huge bins of one gram packages of weed. That was when I was finally like “Holly crap! This is legal weed!” I thought being on camera 24/7 would bother me but I haven’t really given it an extra thought since the first day. 

What is the most random question somebody has asked you about cannabis?: After explaining in great detail our edible selection and how you go about consuming them, the customer looked puzzled so I asked if he had any questions about the cookie he chose to buy. He wanted to know how he was supposed to smoke the cookie. 

Ever have any awkward moments with a patient or customer?: Yeah, I’ve had a couple encounters with a Baby Huey type character, (he was huge and intimidating and all in your face), that wanted to make sure we were all Christian. He got strange when none of us would answer, would go on about how he was and that only good people are Christian. We told him it wasn’t a subject for the work place. His handler, (his mother), was almost just as bad and allowed him to be loud and slightly intimidating. They were beyond pushy with their god blesses and got confrontational if you didn’t say it back, (which I flat out refused to do). When I finally told them I was pagan, the mother accused me of being a devil worshiper. They made our customers super uncomfortable and would come in once a week or so. 

Is there a patient or customer that you have seen improve their health due to cannabis use? If so, explain.: I have a lady that comes in to get edibles for her husband. He has Crohn’s and was having issues sleeping through the night. Since he’s been eating Zoots at night he has slept like a baby. That’s only one of many.

Cannabis Edibles seem to be a touchy subject in the news. Have you ever had a bad experience with them? Also, how many MG of THC do you recommend for a first time consumer?: I personally haven’t had issues with recreational edibles, it’s when I make them myself that I get into trouble. Recreational stuff is too weak; I have to eat 25 to 30mgs to even feel high. For a first time consumer I suggest a full 10mgs. If they’re leery, I tell them to eat 5mgs and wait 2 hours before deciding if they need more. Most newbies are good off of 10mgs. 

Do you have an all time favorite strain? If so, why is it your favorite?: PermaDream – This is the perfect creativity strain that doesn’t leave me groggy on the come down. You can get stuff done on it or you can zone out. 

Do you have any advice for people looking to get into the industry?: Be positive and talk about cannabis to people! It’s all who you know or who you run into. 

The cannabis industry is new and obviously has a lot of improving to do. Where would you like to see improvement in the industry?: Edible strengths need to get more potent and the price is ridiculous for them. I’d also like to get the public away from being THC chasers. There’s a lot of people out there that pass up great weed because the THC level isn’t 25+. I find this odd considering you don’t go to the liquor store and get Everclear and 100 proof. When they come in and say they aren’t getting high anymore, they don’t want to hear me telling them to cut back on weed for a while and smoke lower THC’s because they’ve blown their THC receptors.   

How do you explain the difference in the effects of Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains?: I start off by saying that almost all strains are hybrids but we call it a hybrid if its anywhere from 50/50 to 40/60 Sativa and Indica. Once it goes more to one side, then we call it either Indica or Sativa. I tell them that Sativa gives you mainly a euphoric head high that can sometimes give you an energy kick. Indica is a body heavy high that slows the mind as well. 

What’s the largest amount of flower you have smoked in one setting?: Two grams.

Where do you see the cannabis industry in 5 years? Hopefully less restricted. 

Do you use cannabis more so Medically or Recreationally? Explain please.: I use it recreationally but over the years have realized the medical effects I get from using it. I have disc deterioration in my lower lumbar, when I don’t smoke I realize how much more painful it is. 

Have any hobbies? Any examples you would like to share?: I’m an illustrator and I like to cook and bake. (I’ve included some of my artwork.)

Where can people connect with you? Instagram? Massroots?: Instagram -> TRAYPAT7

What are you most grateful for today?: My family. They’re number 1 and always will be!

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