Budtender Interview #20 - Gabby

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Budtender | Arizona

Name: Gabby, but they call me Dabby. 

What state do you work in?: Arizona 

Care to share which dispensary you work at?: Tru|Med Dispensary

Do you work Retail, Medical or both?: Medical 

How long have you been in the cannabis industry?: I've been Budtending for over a year, but I'm no noob.

How did you go about getting into the cannabis industry?: I had been a patient of this dispensary for about 6 months and fell in love with the atmosphere and people. So, i just applied for the hell of it. Then, a month later, I'm driving on the freeway and I get a call from the dispensary. I had to pull over, I got so excited. 

How is Budtending? What is the greatest part of your job? Budtending is a dream come true. I don't work a day in my life. I actually wake up and can't wait to get to work and see my family. That's probably the greatest part... getting to know each patient, on not only a firstname basis, but very personally, too. It's an honor to brighten someone's life, not just their day.

What is the most random question somebody has asked you about cannabis?: "Do you have any strain that will make me horny?" -male patient.  I didn't realize cannabis had this effect until then. 

Ever have any awkward moments with a patient or customer?: We are all adults, however, sometimes customers get me with the ol' "that's what she said" joke. 

Is there a patient or customer that you have seen improve their health due to cannabis use? If so, explain.: I have many patients who ride motorcycles. I don't know if every state has one, but in Arizona, we have a Bike Week. Well, during that week, we had a few clients come in with injuries. One man I will never forget. He came in the same day as his accident... like no big deal. His face was torn everywhere and swollen, had roadrash all over his body. He refused prescription meds and only smoked and ate cannabis. I literally watched him heal completely within 3 weeks. It was insane.

Cannabis Edibles seem to be a touchy subject in the news. Have you ever had a bad experience with them? Also, how many MG of THC do you recommend for a first time consumer?: Edibles are frustrating. I've heard many edible first timers say those words. And yes, they are. I finally realized that whether I smoke too much or have no gallbladder, either way, I have an extremely high tolerance. I have to consume atleast 1.5g to feel an effect. That amount on each edible brand is different. I wasted so much money in the beginning to figure that out. However, I always tell a first timer to take it slow. Treat each brand as if it's still your first time. They can always add, but they can't subtract. If they eat too much and don't enjoy it, they can take some CBD only and help level out their system. Or they can try to sleep. Or eat something with sugar in it.

Do you have an all time favorite strain? If so, why is it your favorite?: Currently it would be DJ Shortcut's Blue Dream. However, there's so many strains I still haven't tried, so that could always change! ;)

Do you have any advice for people looking to get into the industry?: Start educating yourself. Try to take some courses if you can find them. Have great customer/client/patient service. We get told time and time again, the patients don't necessarily care what the price is or what they're getting as long as they feel appreciated and like they're actually people, not just money walking in the door. 

The cannabis industry is new and obviously has a lot of improving to do. Where would you like to see improvement in the industry?: I don't think I have enough knowledge to be stating where there should be improvements or not. Right now, I only know a small portion of an enormous industry. 

How do you explain the difference in the effects of Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains?: Sativas will give you energy for when you need it, as well as euphoria and some strains will give you pain relief. Indicas are all about relaxation. Easiest way to remember... indica = in-da-couch. Always great for sleep and appetite enhancement. Hybrids are the great in between. They're usually great for anytime of the day or night. However, some hybrids can be sativa or indica dominant. A great way go get to know strains is on Leafly.

What’s the largest amount of flower you have smoked in one setting?: Alone,  probably an 8th. I'm frugal with my marijuana.  Hah. However, I can smoke with some of the most hardcore smokers. They don't call me Dabby for nothin...

Where do you see the cannabis industry in 5 years?: I would love to see it completely legalized and regulated. It would be beautiful to see fields of hemp one day. We're working on it, but I don't think it will be that soon. 

Do you use cannabis more so Medically or Recreationally? Explain please.: I use it for both. I have a hip tendon problem and back pain from cheer leading all 4 years in high school. I also have anxiety and mild depression. I like to tell people that marijuana is a miracle plant. Hah. It's a great way to get friends together and make memories! 

Have any hobbies? Any examples you would like to share?: I enjoy horseback riding, taking my pup to the park, swiming, hiking, watching movies (horror or comedy please), watching documentaries, etc.

Where can people connect with you? Instagram? gabriellegmh

What are you most grateful for today?: I'm most grateful for the health of my husband, my family, and myself. I am also so grateful for my job, as I get to help people better their lives to the best of my ability.

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