Budtender Interview #22 - Jen - Arizona

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Budtender | Arizona

Budtender - Arizona

What's your name?: Jen

What state do you currently work in?: Beautiful Arizona

Care to share where you work at?: Urban Greenhouse Dispensary

Recreational, Medical or Both?: Medical

What do you do within the cannabis industry?: Budtender

How long have you been in the legal cannabis industry?: It's been about 6 months

What is your most favorite aspect of working within the cannabis industry?: Helping our patients is the most rewarding feeling. I love seeing patients walk out with a huge bag and a smile from ear to ear. In that moment I feel like Oprah when she's giving away cars to the audience. "And you get a joint! And you get a joint!"

What were you doing before the getting in the cannabis industry?: I had been working in the service industry for a while bar tending. It's funny how I went from tending the bar to tending buds.

Cannabis edibles is a touchy subject in the media. How much do you recommend to a first time user and why?: Most of the edibles we sell have the dosing on the package but even that can sometimes be inaccurate due to an unevenly mixed batch etc. If a brownie is labeled 4 doses I'll tell my patient to consume half of a single dose. It's always better to go slow and its hard to reverse the effects after it's already broken down in your system.

Have you ever ate too many edibles? Have a story to tell?: For a while I was only medicating with edibles and I would sometimes overdose. One time in particular, I was out to dinner at the restaurant I worked at with one of the other bartenders. I found out that I could eat edibles before drinking and enjoy myself but had never eaten one already having a drink or two in my system. I decided to risk it anyways! Four rolls later and a few glasses of sake down, I was feeling horrible. I sounded like a galloping horse as I ran to the bathroom in heels and threw up. All I could think of was curling in fetal position and taking a nap. Leaving behind my friend, I managed to walk to my car where I woke up a few hours later so perplexed. It only takes one bad experience to learn.

Do you have a favorite edible company? If so, explain why.: My favorite right now is Baked Bros. I'm loving their Dank Drank which is a THC/CBD syrup. It's easy to dose and being a liquid it hits me a lot faster than other edibles which can sometimes take up to 3 hours for me.

Have you seen a patient/consumer's health improve since using cannabis? If so, explain!: Definitely. One patient that comes to mind is a girl who got into an accident about 5 months ago. She was left unable to walk in a wheelchair and unable to speak because of a broken jaw. I saw her recently and she's speaking find and walking out of here with no assistance!

Working within a shop can provide from some interesting stories. Do you have a awkward story of a customers request or a general funny story while working in a shop/grow/kitchen?: Oh yes! Something that gets me every time is when ever we are done with patients, they fall in line to get cashed out. In that small window of time, it’s our opportunity to have a “dance party” and we get so into it. If I had to paint you a picture it's kind of like a dance battle scene from the movie "Stomp the Yard". We've only gotten caught a few times but the customers crack up with us. It's even more funny when we do some crazy move and no one sees a thing and we are able to say bye to the patient like nothing happened. I'm laughing just thinking about it.

Where do you see the cannabis industry in 5 years and why?: I see most states heading towards legalization at least medically. Along with that I also see decriminalization. It's not recreationally legal here yet, but we are a pretty kickass state that doesn't like to listen to anyone so I see changes happening here soon.

Which do you prefer when it comes to flower?: Indica

Explain why you choose the above answer?: I use to only favor sativas because I'd work long hours and needed the energy for it. Before I worked at the dispensary I had pretty basic knowledge of how specific strains worked for me. Now that I've gotten to experiment more, I see that I don't react well to some sativas. Sometimes i'll be overthinking too much and headband strains in particular can give me headaches.

In your opinion, what company is the industry leader in your state?: Besides ourselves, Tru med is killing it.

Do you have an all time favorite strain? Explain why you like it so much?: I have a few. Blue Cheese and Rugburn OG are my favorite for the day because they leave me feeling relaxed but upbeat. Kosher Kush for night time has me feeling droopy, kind of like a basset hound.

If you could change one thing about the current cannabis industry, what would you change and why?: I think making people more aware of the growing and production aspect would be great. There's a lot of people who have never seen cannabis before its harvested or worked with the plants first hand. There's so much that goes behind it and most people only see the finished product which are these beautiful, frosty buds. These plants are live organisms just like you and I. They need constant care, perfect conditions and the proper nutrients to flourish. Since consumers don't see that I think that causes a disconnect and if more people knew how much intimacy and care goes into their medicine it would give people a different perspective on their medication.

Why are you excited to work within the cannabis industry? What kind of opportunities have opened up for you? : I'm excited to work with other like minded individuals who believe in the healing power of cannabis. I think having that mentality is important especially as a team. It's always really easy to make connections since this industry to growing so quickly. Social media has been a great outlet for meeting others. Having the opportunity to try new products is always a plus. Here in Arizona, we had our first ever Cannabis Expo in Phoenix. It was lovely to be apart of that and seeing where the community is headed.

What is the #1 thing you are grateful for today? : I'm grateful to wake up healthy and happy and to be constantly surrounded by such kindhearted and generous people. I'm grateful to be working in an industry that I support entirely and I'm even more happy that I get to share knowledge everyday with people who come in wanting our help. It's all about sharing the wealth, whatever wealth is to you.

Have any hobbies? Care to share them with us?: Before work or on my day off you'll find me in the mountains hiking or doing yoga. I like to call it "meditate and medicate". This summer I had a goal to explore Arizona as much as possible and ended up going on 11 solo hikes to places I've never been. It involved a lot of traveling and even more patience but I feel really accomplished looking back.

Where can people connect with you? : instagram.com/Jennifer_mayy

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