Budtender Interview #24 - Emily - TRU Cannabis - Oregon

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Budtender | Oregon

What's your name?: Emily

What state do you currently work in?: Oregon

Care to share where you work at?: TRU Cannabis

Recreational, Medical or Both?: Both

What do you do within the cannabis industry?: Budtender

How long have you been in the legal cannabis industry?: 2-3 Months

What is your most favorite aspect of working within the cannabis industry?: I love being able to educate people about cannabis. There are countless individuals who come in simply curious about this newly legalized plant. Teaching customers about the different species, strains and effects is always exciting when I know I can help them find the right strain for them.

What were you doing before the getting in the cannabis industry?: I was going to school for Political Science and Communications. I graduated and got involved in some local politics canvassing for non-profits. I was lucky enough to be at the state capitol while they passed the marijuana legislation!

Cannabis edibles is a touchy subject in the media. How much do you recommend to a first time user and why?: Edibles is a touchy subject because they can be so potent. My best advice is to try a small bite and wait a while before trying more. Edibles take longer to come into effect which can lead to people consuming way over their tolerance. Although it isn't particularly dangerous since you can't overdose, the discomfort from too many edibles can make some people dizzy, light headed or sick which can definitely be a downer! If you are a first time user of edibles take precaution before jumping into edibles!

Have you ever ate too many edibles? Have a story to tell?: Yes. I ate too many edibles one day before a plane ride from California to Oregon. It was an enjoyable high at the beginning but as time wore on the high became very heavy and uncomfortable. I was a little dizzy which resulted in me falling asleep for the majority of the plane ride. Was dazed after waking, but much better after a nap and some orange juice!

Do you have a favorite edible company? If so, explain why.: Haven't had many edibles but always enjoy Bhombchellys Jelly

Have you seen a patient/consumer's health improve since using cannabis? If so, explain!: There is one customer that I think about when considering the health benefits of cannabis. He is an older gentleman and since we have opened he's stopped by almost daily. He uses a cane but even nearly forgot it the last time he was in, I think that speaks volumes.

Working within a shop can provide from some interesting stories. Do you have a awkward story of a customer's request or a general funny story while working in a shop/grow/kitchen?: One of the most awkward encounters I have had at a store is being asked for my number in front of my manager ha.

Where do you see the cannabis industry in 5 years and why?: I see the legal cannabis industry as the future of America. Every day we learn something new and beneficial that cannabis can do for our health and it continues to grow every year in popularity. I believe that it does not have as strong as a stigma as it used to and as people learn more about it they are becoming more accepting. Cannabis is also the future of our pharmaceuticals as it kicks out the competition in terms of pain relief.

Which do you prefer when it comes to flower?: Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Explain why you choose the above answer?: I enjoy Sativas predominantly for their happy/euphoric effects. The mood enhancers such as Sour Diesel are a great way to start the day and the perfect pick me up after work or before a party. However, being a hybrid can also allow for the relaxing or full body effects of the Indicas.

In your opinion, what company is the industry leader in your state?: Although I'm not familiar with all the companies open currently in Oregon I have visited a few other dispensaries that I enjoyed. My favorite and one that started with a medicinal base in the area is Oregon's Finest.

Do you have an all time favorite strain? Explain why you like it so much?: Omega Dawg has been my favorite strain because I love the spacey, "in your own world" type of high that it gives me. Definitely a great strain to feel stoned,

If you could change one thing about the current cannabis industry, what would you change and why?: If I could change one thing about the current cannabis industry I think I would change the headache surrounding licensing and the property. It gives an upper hand to corporations that have the money to fork over for it.

Why are you excited to work within the cannabis industry? What kind of opportunities have opened up for you?: I'm so excited to work in the cannabis industry mainly because I love going to work every day. Talking to people about cannabis and learning more about the industry is amazing. Within 2.5 months I was offered an assistant manager position which I am training for now which has me excited about heading up in the industry!

What is the #1 thing you are grateful for today?: Today I am feeling especially grateful for the cannabis pioneers and the lobbyists who fought to legalize medicinal cannabis for those who really need it!

Have any hobbies? Care to share them with us?: My hobbies include smoking ganja, watching dope tv shows (like Major Lazer and Rick & Morty), playing lacrosse, running, drawing, painting, shopping, talking politics or weed.

Where can people connect with you?www.instagram.com/emily.effrece

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