Budtender Interview #2 - "Shib"

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Washington Budtender | Shib

"Shib" has been active in the cannabis industry since 2008.

Name: Shibediah "Shib" Rather

What state do you work in?: In the Evergreen state (Washington)

How long have you been a Budtender? I've been active in the industry since 2008, but have only been Budtending since early 2013.

Retail, Medical or Both? I prefer to work on the Medical side. I like to be able to build a relationship with my patients get to know what works for them and what doesn't, to build a trust in pain management. However I don't have anything against recreational I think it should be available to everybody.

How did you get into the Industry? Right time/Right place...I know laaaaame answer but that's how it worked out. My brother Jonny and I started by vending to our friend Buford that worked at a shop (Medigreen) and he introduced us to his friend who owned the shop (we just call him the Cap'n) and that was how I got my first Budtender job...Now I manage Medigreen and Buford Manages our sister shop Mother Earth's Holistic Health (MEHH).

What is your favorite aspect the being a Budtender? That's such a loaded question...There's so many things. If I had to pick just one, it would be that everyday this industry is changing/evolving you have the opportunity to learn something new all the time if you choose to.

The funniest moment you have had at work? With a customer or job related. Part of the fun of this job is educating your patient and a good Budtender will always take the time because people are new to this and sometimes they just don't know, but then sometimes you get dumb questions (a dumb question is a question that you already know the answer to but ask anyways), for instance, is everything in the shop medicated? I had a new patient that came in and asked why everything was medicated what if he wanted something to eat that wasn't medicated? At this point you have to have a little fun (I mean come on!) without being insulting...I responded in kind with, "The real question is how come the dollar store next door doesn't carry medicated items along with the not medicated items?"

Most random question somebody has asked you about cannabis? I think the standard random question is "Will this get me high?". The most random though would have to be "Why is all the marijuana a green color?" It doesn't happen often but that made my brain completely freeze (brain grenade), I didn't have an answer for him, all I could muster was, "yes the bud is all green colored...".

Favorite Strain and why?: Hmmmm? I guess it would have to be Black Cherry Soda : Airborne G13 x Cindy99 x Ortega x Blackberry x Cherry AK47. The Black Cherry Soda carries the terpenes from bud to smoke for amazing flavor and aroma, it has a great body high but carries enough of a head high to bring a good combination of mind and body euphoria. Also it seems that no matter how much of it I smoke it ALWAYS gets me stoned.

Do you like edibles? If so, what is your favorite and why? I do like edibles, they can be very helpful for the right situation, but can be a horrible ride if you eat too much, buy the ticket ride the ride. I tend to like RSO type edibles "Sweet Treats" from Olympia WA seem to have the most effective, cost efficient and the most tasty. 

Advice for others wanting to work in the Industry? Networking!!! It's not about who you know, it's about who knows you!

Do you have an Instagram? If so, what is your user name? You can find me on IG, Massroots and Facebook as @Shib Rather. You can also listen to our story on www.gritcitypodcast.com/ I believe it's episode 29- Shib and Jonny Rather.

Is there anything you would like to see improve in the industry? Training the industry needs more knowledgeable and properly trained Budtenders.

What are the best perks about your job? PRODUCT TESTING! Did i mention PRODUCT TESTING!

Do you use cannabis medically? I've been using medical cannabis to treat a hip issue and also PTSD.

What is your favorite movie? National Lampoon presents: Beach Party at the threshold of hell and Thank you for smoking.

What is your favorite hobby? Working with the WE'ED Rather Group helping Vets and the community one person at a time, the WE'ED Rather motto is : WE'ED Rather help locally to effect change globally!"

What is the #1 thing you are most grateful for? The people that surround me, that is what I am most grateful for! Without a good crew it's hard to do anything on a massive level.

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