Budtender Interview #5 - Jasmine

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Budtender | Oregon

Name: Jasmine A.

State you work in?: Portland Oregon!

How long have you been a Budtender? I have only been budtending for a few months, but I am certainly not new to the game =p

Retail, Medical or Both? Oregon is Medical only until October 1st. That is when we will cater to both medical and recreational.

How did you get into the Industry? I just put myself out there when I saw that Happy Leaf was hiring, and studied my butt off to even be considered. It is tough business trying to get on the front lines of the marijuana industry. You really have to know your stuff!

What is your favorite aspect the being a Budtender? I love my patients! No joke! I know more about my patients lives than I do many of my friends. I can always count on them to make my day that much better! And it is great because, duh, they are as passionate about marijuana as I am!

The funniest moment you have had at work, with a customer or job related? I don’t know about funniest, but I definitely love when I got serenade by a very satisfied patient!

Most random question somebody has asked you about cannabis? Honestly there have been silly questions, but none that were so farfetched that I felt it to be random. Budtenders need to be understanding because a lot of patients really aren’t knowledgeable on the subject and really need you to help educate them.

Favorite Strain and why?: Right now it would have to be GREEN BODHI’S GOLDEN PINEAPPLE. It smells like vacation in a bottle.

Do you like edibles? If so, what is your favorite and why? My FAVORITE edible is LUNCHBOX ALCHEMY’S SQUIBS! They are deceivingly strong gummies that hit you HARD and are delicious!

Advice for others wanting to work in the Industry? You can't get into the industry unless you are passionate and really care to see the mmj community thrive. Just being a stoner isn't good enough. You have to understand the importance of all aspects of marijuana and not just how high it will get you. Learning all about cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system are looked very highly upon!

Do you have an Instagram? If so, what is your user name? OG_GALEXY_KUSH and my MASSROOTS is OG_GALEXY

Is there anything you would like to see improve in the industry? I would love for people to remember that it isn’t just about the money, or ego, and that the whole point is to provide quality grade medication (no fudging tests)  to patients who really need it!

What are the best perks about your job? My favorite thing would be learning about all the brands and new products coming out. Because STONERS are the most damn creative people you will ever meet and come up with some of the best and craziest products, and I am lucky to get to be a voice for them!

Do you use cannabis medically? I think EVERYBODY who uses cannabis, uses it medically, whether or not they think they are. You could be trying to fight epilepsy, cancer, a headache, or even just the stress of a bad day.  Whatever your reason for using it, it is to make you feel better and there is no better medication than one that can be utilized for any ailments big or small. HEHE so yes!

What is your favorite movie? The Breakfast Club (I know lame) but I always feel good after I watch it!

What is your favorite hobby? (Provide links if you have art work) I spin poi and I hula hoop! If I was still in Hawaii I would be fishing all day everyday haha

What is the #1 thing you are most grateful for? CAPS AND EXCLAMATION MARKS! Other wise my interview would be so drab haha. I would have to say I’m just grateful for the opportunity to get to do something I love everyday!

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