Budtender Interview #9 - Jordan

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Budtender | Colorado

Name: Jordan

What state you work in?:  Colorado

How long have you been a Budtender? 4 months

Retail, Medical or Both? Retail

How did you get into the Cannabis Industry? Got my badge and Jumped on an opportunity!

What is your favorite aspect the being a Budtender? I have a passion for cannabis and holistic health. I love spreading awareness about cbds and the god plant-and blowing people's mind with our amazing product! Plus it always feels good Putting a smile on people's faces!

The funniest moment you have had at work, with a customer or job related?  There are so many funny moments in the industry! One that sticks out in particular was when an 86 year old grandma came into the shop with her 2 friends. She was from out of town, in Breckenridge on vacation. She whips out her phone and starts taking selfies of herselfposing like a thug, with our grow room in the back ground. We made eye contact and I was laughing. . She goes "gotta show my bitches back home I still got it!" Then she preceeded to buy the heaviest concentrates we had. LOL!

Most random question somebody has asked you about cannabis? We had some Afghani Gold on the shelf - I had a guy ask what mountain range in Afghanistan it was grown in and how we got it there. - the dude was dead serious.

Favorite Strain and why?: Such a hard question! I can't put my finger on a single one. I love tasty smooth smoke. I geek indicas. My top 3 though - 501st OG, super potent, super consistent, all around golden. Then we have the Agent Orange, the terp and flavor profiles are mind blowing! Super gorgeous orange velvety flower. Finally, Cheese Quake, - this strain is always europhic. I seem to get injured alot and this strain has amazing anti inflammatory/ psychoactive and non psychoactive pain relief. It's the bees knees. Plus the taste and smell? I could go on for days about it.

Do you like edibles? If so, what is your favorite and why? I don't always eat edibles being a heavy user, but when I do - I'll take some Highly edible gummy bears or a Dark chocolate Fullmelt- or 4.

Advice for others wanting to work in the Industry? Get educated. I remember being on the other side of the counter andnothing is worse than bad advice followed by abad experience. People look to your for knowledge.. know your Sh*t!

Do you have an Instagram? If so, what is your user name? Follow me @sum_cutty

Is there anything you would like to see improve in the industry? Yea I wish the fed government would grow up! Colorado raised 72 million this year in taxes while alcohol only raised 40! (Don't quote that.) Lol

What are the best perks about your Budtending job? The discount, relaxed atmosphere and great vibes walking in and out! Plus there is always new sciences and news coming out- keeps things interesting!

Do you use cannabis medically? Yea definitely! We wouldnt be having this interview if it wasnt for cbds! Cannabis is a god plant! It can save the world!

What is your favorite movie? Hard question bro.. gonna have to go with Dances with Wolves. YEEYEEE

What is your favorite hobby? I love motocross, anything with an engine! Anything outside! And dabbing of course!

What is the #1 thing you are most grateful for? The number one thing I'm grateful is - being alive. Life's crazy, it truly is a gift. I'm grateful for breathing and having a clean bill of health! You never know what kinda cards your gonna get delt.

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