Budtender Interview #11 - Dani

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Budtender | Oregon

Name: Dani 

What state do you work in?: Oregon

Care to share which dispensary you work at?: Mid Valley Patient Resource Center

Do you work Retail, Medical or both?:  As of now, September 17 medical, but October 1, 2015 we go recreational as well.

How long have you been in the industry?: I have been in the Medical Marijuana Industry for about 4 years.

How did you go about getting into the industry?: Was a frequent customer at my first dispensary in Mentone, California started volunteering and now I am a general manager of a dispensary.

How did you react to your first day working? Was it mind blowing?: YES! It was so cool that it was legal selling weed.

What is the most random question somebody has asked you about cannabis?: Relates to cannabis suppository. 

Ever have any awkward moments with a patient or customer?: Patients always get weird with me. San Bernardino was the worst.

Is there a patient or customer that you have seen improve their health due to cannabis use? If so, explain.: YES! I have seen many patients improve on cannabis, especially on CBD products. I have seen patients shrink and complete get rid of tumors. My aunt is about to take CBD to recover after brain surgery, and help shrink the excess brain tumor.

Cannabis Edibles seem to be a touchy subject in the news. Have you ever had a bad experience with them? Also, how many MG of THC do you recommend for a first time consumer?: I recommend small amounts of THC for a newbie, 50 mg max. I love edibles, and have had nothing but great stories from patients who use edibles to sleep, deal with pain, and people who cannot smoke use them regularly.

Do you have an all time favorite strain? If so, why is it your favorite?: My all time favorite is Purple Diesel, it’s a cross of Grandaddy Purple and New York Sour Diesel, it’s the perfect high, so gorgeous in color, breaks down perfectly, and most importantly it smokes AMAZING, so tasty and smooth. The high hits your head instantly and then slowly starts trailing down your neck and spine….. heaven!

Do you have any advice for people looking to get into the Cannabis industry?: Do your research, don’t just think it’s an easy “Stoner” job. This is probably one of the most competitive industries I have ever been in, and even though I absolutely love it, it’s not for everyone. The cannabis industry is new and obviously has a lot of improving to do. Where would you like to see improvement in the industry?: I can’t wait to see us be able to use any bank in the United States, and most importantly I cannot wait for the Federal government to recognize the medicinal properties that medical marijuana has.

How do you explain the difference in the effects of Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains?: Sativa is your day timer, that’s your head high, that instant rush. Indica is your pain relief, relaxer, that’s the one that’s gonna put you on the couch and chill out. Hybrid strains will honestly hit you differently, with every strain. I have had some sativa’s that hit my head instantly than after 20 minutes my body was floating, and some sativa’s that hit my body or head only. Purple Diesel is an example of the perfect hybrid high!

What’s the largest amount of flower you have smoked in one setting?: Hahaha that’s a good one. I smoke a lot.

Where do you see the cannabis industry in 5 years? I see the industry blow up. I could only hope that dispensaries will be accepted across the united states, and that people who smoke weed will no longer be looked down upon.

Do you use cannabis more so Medically or Recreationally? Explain please.: I use medically and recreationally. I get migraines and have constant lower back pain, I use indica’s, well they are my favorite, I love OG’s. They knock out my pain and get me “situated” throughout the day. I use recreationally because I have literally no patience unless I smoke, I call it my civil duty to the world that I stay medicated.

Have any hobbies? Any examples you would like to share?: I love to read! I get high and read for hours. I also like to go to thrift stores, I love antiques.

Where can people connect with you? Instagram? Massroots?: Dan_yell_son on Instagram and Massroots.

What are you most grateful for today?: I am most grateful for being able to work in an amazing remarkable industry, and to be apart of going recreational in Oregon, I have waited so long for Marijuana to be legal, and finally all my wildest dreams are coming true! 

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