Jamie | Oregon Budtender | Interview #34

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What state do you work in?: Oregon

Care to share which dispensary you work at?: Green Health Eugene

Do you work Retail, Medical or both?: Both!

How long have you been in the industry?: A little over two years.

How did you go about getting into the industry?: Trimming, and meeting people already working in the industry!

How is Budtending? What is the greatest part of your job?: Budtending is immensely hands on, and very fulfilling. People are so grateful to have access to safe, tested products and really love well the large variety of cannabis products they have to choose from. People from out of state are always so excited, and I love hearing about cannabis culture from other parts of the U.S.

What is the most random question somebody has asked you about cannabis?: “If it is too wet and squishy, should I microwave it?”

Ever have any awkward moments with a patient or customer?: Yes! We have coffee beans to clear the olfactory between strain sniffs, and we’ve had more than one customer eat the beans! Some people think they are infused with cannabis, which they are not. They are simply there to smell! It is slightly awkward but very amusing.

Is there a patient or customer that you have seen improve their health due to cannabis use? If so, explain.: Yes, very many patients! Some people have had their tumors shrink after continued cannabis use. The grower at our dispensary has used his RSO to cure multiple cases of skin cancer! Ironically enough, many recreational customers return to talk about how a topical has helped arthritis, or the edible has helped them sleep through the night, etc.! So many people have expressed improved health, both recreational and medical customers.

Cannabis Edibles seem to be a touchy subject in the news. Have you ever had a bad experience with them?: Yes, when I was a new user, I ate a cookie my friend got from a shop in Washington. A half hour later I had forgotten about it and drank one PBR at a friends going away party. It didn’t take long for the ‘bad trip’ to sort of hit me. Luckily my boyfriend was there to calm me down and take care of me, but it was too crazy for me at the time! Edibles take a while to kick in, and when they do you have to just buckle up! I always alert new edible users or users in general that mixing with alcohol can become dangerous quickly! And to always be patient.  

Also, how many MG of THC do you recommend for a first time consumer?: Typically 5-10 depending on their desired experience. We have some 1:1 CBD THC edibles that are also a great low dose option.

Do you have an all time favorite strain? If so, why is it your favorite?: Super lemon haze, because when life gave cannabis lemons, it gave us one of the most uplifting euphoric and tasty strains ever! It also helps with my random heart burn or acid reflux spouts.

Do you have any advice for people looking to get into the industry?: Make friends with people in the industry! Familiarize yourself with the current market, and browse Weedmaps/other menu sites to get an idea of what strains and products are popular in your area. Doing research is a great place to start. Visit as many shops near to you as you can and drop a resume at all of them!

The cannabis industry is new and obviously has a lot of improving to do. Where would you like to see improvement in the industry?: Currently Oregon is going through some tough changes in the industry, many companies cannot afford to become compliant with the new regulations on licensing, testing and packaging. I would love to see a farmers market, or a safe place for cannabis to be traded, and shared with others more easily. I hope the connoisseur strains stick around, and I hope more people will start to grow their own, and cut back on the need for some of the crazy wasteful packaging requirements. I also hope public consumption will become more normalized and accepted in certain cafes/clubs etc.

How do you explain the difference in the effects of Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains?:  We say Indica, in da couch, and Sativa Arriba! (Spanish for Up!) for most people. For the hybrids, they can lean either way towards uplifting, a body high, calm and collected or even a split of sativa/indica effects, usually it is strain specific. Some people can be reversed and it is great to send new users home with a sample of some polar opposite strains so they can figure out how their body reacts. Most sativas we have are euphoric, creative or even motivating! The Indicas can be a body high, munchie inducing or even make you pass out for a kush nap!

What’s the largest amount of flower you have smoked in one setting?: I would say on an event day such as the Dope Cup or a @420pinups shoot, easily over 5 grams. Possibly more on days like 4/20 or even a random day off during trimming season! Usually the joints keep flowing during croptober!

Where do you see the cannabis industry in 5 years?: Sadly I see it prepackaged, wasteful and commercialized, but I HOPE to see a continuously local market with a larger shift towards ecofriendly practices and incredibly less restricting. I cannot wait to see more information about the use of terpenes for specific medicines, as well as information on microdosing cannanbinoids.

Do you use cannabis more so Medically or Recreationally? Explain please.: At this point in my life, more recreationally, but also spiritually, ritually and for my creative mental health!

Have any hobbies? Any examples you would like to share?: I am currently working towards my PDC (Permaculture Design Certification) at Lost Valley Education center (Google it!). My boyfriend and me hope to homestead eventually and live off the land!  I also work at a cat rescue/thrift store, I am obsessed with thrifting, and I only buy something new if I absolutely have to! (@sarastreasures) Reusing and re-purposing second hand goods in my life (and garden) has been a creative and fulfilling outlet.

Where can people connect with you? Instagram? Massroots?: @high_hippie_gypsy On IG!

What are you most grateful for today?: My boyfriend, family, pets and my home in Eugene! (Also, cannabis is legal to grow in Oregon, yay!)

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