Budtender Interview #29 - Dillon - Best Colorado Meds

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What is your name? Dillon 

Which state do you work in? Beautiful Colorado!

How long have you worked in the cannabis industry? Pretty fresh actually, I got my badge on June 25th and my first industry job on July 1st

What were you doing before you got into the industry? Honestly, mostly just floating between jobs trying to find something more fulfilling that I could take further as a career. My last job before entering the industry was with Ralph Schomp Honda as a Team Lead.

Mind sharing where you currently work? Currently I work at Solace Meds

What do you currently do within the cannabis industry? Budtending full time and working with the company's social media to get our name out into this big world!

What is your favorite aspect of your job? Since I decided to join the industry I've made it my personal mission to get as much as I can out of every day. Joining the industry is so freeing and uplifting, there's so much room in these times to take any ideas and and shoot for the stars. I would say my favorite part is definitely just the fact that the opportunity is there for anyone who wants to do the east they can, the good energy and positive encouragement that comes with walking into work is also awesome! But, the best pay off is to see people's lives changed in a positive way just by connecting them to the right product.

Do you eat edibles? If so, what is your favorite edible company and why? I don't eat edibles too often but I have had my fair share of them, they do the best for pain relief. My favorite edible company would be a toss up between Stratos and IncrEdibles. Stratos mainly because they're going after Big Pharma showing people that there's better options when it comes to the pills they're putting in their bodies, and I like IncrEdibles because they treat their employees right and their batches are always consistent! (The Peanut Budda Buddha is one to check out for sure!)

How many MG of THC would you recommend to someone who has no experience? As most in the industry would say, start out small. 5-10mg for your first experience and wait up to 2 hours for the dose to take full effect and then enjoy the ride. Often I hear of people taking too many and it turns out being a bad experience, being on a frequency that high can make things uncomfortable.

What is the weirdest question you have received in the shop? Any awkward moments? I try to take every question as serious as possible because you never know what somebody is trying to treat with cannabis, but sometimes there's an odd ball in the crowd haha but the weirdest question i've been asked in the shop is "Do you have any of the Mexican Brown?" The conversation then got awkward after this gentleman started explaining why "Mexican Brick" was better than anything on the shelf now-a-days. He left with a nice juicy Blue Dream 8th and was back about a week later telling me how he's never had anything that good. It was a good time.

Do you have any advice for people who want to get into the cannabis industry? My advice for someone interested in joining the industry would be, just be ready to experience new opportunities and embrace all the change that comes with it. The industry right now is so young and vibrant and it's just waiting for that next miracle, what people don't realize is that we are the miracle, everybody is. Now we just need to focus all our energy on being a positive influence for this fragile system in place and providing nothing but the best and most knowledgeable information for all these people, from first time users to the cannasuers. My last bit of advice is, allow yourself to be free, create conversation, share stories and just be the best that you can be, because the stars are ours! :)

As we all know, cannabis can benefit people in many ways. Do you know someone or have a patient who you have seen benefit from medical cannabis use in a noticeable way? Since I've been in the industry I have heard and seen more success stories than I could have ever imagined, being in this industry we are very lucky to get to see actual tangible results and real help going out to these folks in need. One elderly woman with MS (one of my first customers) found out that the Mary's Medicinals CBD transdermal patch gave her the ability to sleep fully without being woken up by pain. I've seen a man whom is on dialysis make a complete turn around and beat the odds, he says he has us to thank for it because we always got the product that was best for him and he also claims that some of his success comes from us fighting along side him and helping him see that he will make it with some faith. I've heard of people healing their pets with CBD... It's an endless array of touching stories from people far and wide. We all owe our gratitude to Mother Nature and her compassion.

Have you ever ate too many edibles? Have a good story you would like to tell? Haha no I haven't ever eaten such a high dose of edibles that it was unbearable, I wish I had a funny story about it!

Do you use cannabis medically or recreational? Please explain. Technically I am a Recreational consumer/customer but I feel like the reason I use it is more Medically than anything. I have found over the years that the best cure for depression and really almost any ailment is Cannabis. I find that, on some mornings when it's a little harder to get up and moving, cannabis makes it possible to still have a bright and enjoyable day. Every human is born with CB1 Receptors in their brain that are designed to process cannabis and work in sync with body and brain. The fact is, people are meant to take the benefit that this magical plant provides. On top of it all, Cannabis has been useful in making hard times more manageable. Shelter through the storm.

Where do you see the cannabis industry heading? Honestly, where the Cannabis industry is headed is completely up to all of us who are out here doing it. This industry could revolutionize the world for the better and wake people up to the fact that we are all here trying to figure out how to enjoy life and do the best that we can. I hope that everyone in the industry is here for the right reasons, to fight the good fight.

Are there any issues with the current regulations that you would like to see changed? So far I've noticed that the rules and regulations are pretty well set in place, I would really like to see the Out of State Limit be removed. There's people that need access to medicine and putting a limit on somebody because they are out of state is kinda silly, honestly I could drive to any state other than Colorado and buy enough alcohol to poison myself without any law saying I can't. That doesn't make much sense to me but over all I don't really have any issues.

How many years do you expect full legalization across the USA? Hopefully 5 years minimum. Utah is going to be the tough cookie.

What is your favorite strain and why? When I started at Best Colorado Meds i found out about our Cheese Quake strain, Exodus Cheese x Querkle, at its peak it tests usually between 21-25% THC, .5-2% CBD and small traces of other Cannabinoids(CBG, CBC, CBN, ect.) My first impression of this strain was a total knock-out! It smells like a box of Cheez-It's and has an amazing Piney, Spruce taste to it that's crisp and refreshing on the exhale with a wonderful head blast at first that lingers within you, filled with inspiration and motivation, then comes the comforting pain relief which is something of its own, relaxation hits in waves and makes everything that much easier. All around, just a really unique strain that I completely fell in love with immediately.

What are you most grateful for today? Today I am grateful to say that I woke up with the spark of life still in me and the sun was shining. Im grateful that I know how beautiful and fragile life on this planet is, I am also grateful for the people in my life I have been blessed to share moments and build connections with, including the love of my life all my four legged friends and my family. Everyday we wake up the world literally opens up before our very eyes, we are given constant opportunity to be the best that we can be, it is crucial that we realize this and start working together towards a better tomorrow. I am grateful for life.

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