Budtender Salary: How much does a Budtender make?

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So, how much does being a Budtender pay? 

Answer: More than you thought!

Being a Budtender isn't a bad job at all. You get to work with cannabis, talk about cannabis, sell cannabis, roll cannabis, and help those in need. Beats working in a cubicle. With the demographic of budtenders growing in the U.S, more and more people are wanting to get into the industry. BUT there is the question: How much money can I make being a budtender?.

Yearly salary working 40hrs a week:  $21,120 - $26,880+

Plus Tips: $3,000 - $4,800+ (Some places don't allow tips. However, most do.)

Potential yearly salary including tips: $24,120 - $31,680+

So, not too bad for an entry level position within the cannabis industry.  If you need to feed a family of 4.. maybe you should try something else. However, If you are in your 20's, making $16 an hour (with tips) is pretty damn good. 

Obviously, each state & employer will vary in pay. However, it's safe to say the above information is congruent with the cannabis industry. (At least here in Colorado)

Myself being a budtender during the first year of Recreational sales in Colorado, there were times, we would walk out with $100+ in tips a piece. People would pay me to tell them information about the information. At times I was like an on demand cannabis consultant to out of state business seekers. 

If you are looking to get into the industry as a Budtender: Please don't let an employer low ball you with anything below $11hr. You are worth more as a human being and the profit margins are far to high to be working for such a little wage. 


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