Oregon is gearing up for recreational cannabis sales OCT 1st

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Oregon to open Recreational marijuana sales on Oct 1st

So, what are the big questions?

Price Of Cannabis

The Colorado and Washington market saw a large increase in their recreational cannabis prices at the start of retail sales. However, the prices plummeted towards the end of the year.  Now you can pick up an ounce of retail cannabis for as low as $89 from places like LiveWell in Denver Colorado. Oregon has always had low cannabis prices. Will the demand for retail pot create a "Pot Bubble"? We will see!

First Time Retail Taxes After 2015.

Since, Oregon retail dispensaries will not need to charge tax until 2016., Oregon dispensaries are being urged to set a their prices to what it will be after taxes. This way they can keep consistent prices in the early months of retail sales and onto the 2016 taxed prices. In Colorado and Washington you will find customers across the state being blown back by the end price of the purchase. a $100 recreational purchase will land you at $121.12 after tax. People are not use to the taxes and can get pushed back at first. If dispensaries where to set their prices to after tax cost, once taxes kick in there will not be a mass confusion and frustration. 


Taking Colorado's cannabis industry for example.. Nobody knew what to expect, how much to grow, how many customers there will be, and what kind of growing pains there will be. Luckily for Oregon, they have two states to take notes from. This doesn't mean there will not be mistakes, lack of inventory, and or growing troubles. However, this does mean they have data to play with. Figuring out how much flower, edible, concentrates, and pipes to carry is the hard part. 

Future Update

The crew at Budtenders Life will be heading out to Oregon to check out the cannabis industry on the 25th of September. We will report back with photos, video and more!  

Alex Person