10 Cannabis Employment Resources In Colorado

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Looking for a job in the Colorado cannabis industry? We have put a list together of 10 resources to help you get your career started in the cannabis industry.

Below you will find 10 cannabis temp companies/research tools to help you get a job in the industry. 

REMEMBER: You can not obtain a job working with cannabis if you do not have a Colorado MED Support/Key Badge. See Colorado MED application info page for more information on obtaining a MED badge.

1. Green Mountain Harvest

"We at Green Mountain Harvest understand the frustrations of maintaining a professional, reliable harvesting staff. Headaches such as interviewing, hiring, firing, training, turnover, unemployment, scheduling, workman's comp, and taxes all seem to weigh you down when you're trying to be compliant in the Medical Marijuana industry. On top of that, trimming can be a labor-intensive task, especially when deadlines are around the corner and you have a large or small amount to weigh and process.

But hiring extra people for trimming can be real difficult if you don't already have the staff. And if you do hire people for the job, what do you do with the trimmers when the job is over and you’re waiting for the next harvest?"

2. Hemp Temps

"Hemp Temps is a full service staffing agency specific to the Marijuana industry that focuses on meeting *all* staffing needs. Here at Hemp Temps, we combine years of experience and knowledge into a comprehensive understanding of the ins and outs of the MJ industry. We stay on top of this ever-changing industry, because we are deeply involved and committed. We are a Colorado company, based in Denver and Colorado Springs. We match dispensaries, grow facilities, and kitchens with top notch Hemp Temps to assist with their growing, trimming, bud-tending, and general industry needs. " Apply for a job.

3. Gradujuana

"As America’s fastest growing industry, the cannabis industry is in demand for experienced, talented, and ambitious professionals. Gradujuana is the cannabis industry’s premier staffing agency, connecting great cannabis companies with the talent they need. We offer staffing solutions to dispensaries, grow facilities, kitchens and ancillary businesses to ensure they find and keep the talent they need. 

  • Workforce Planning 
  • Recruiting 
  • On boarding 
  • Employee Development 
  • Performance Management "

Apply to Gradujuana

4. Ms.Mary Staffing

"Here at Ms. Mary Staffing we work with a wide variety of businesses and organizations pioneering the way for the rapidly growing cannabis industry. This could be a great way to get in on the ground floor of an exciting start up or to secure a position with an established company. We are looking for cannabis job seekers with diverse qualifications to fill our clients needs.

Please use our contact form to send us your resume." See Job Openings

5. THC Staffing Group

"THC Staffing Group was started by two best friends and seasoned activists dedicated to smart drug policy and the development of a diverse, robust and legal marijuana industry.

Shaleen Title and Danielle Schumacher have come together in this venture to help America’s fast growing marijuana industry find qualified candidates that are not only a perfect match professionally and personally but also represent a wide and diverse cross-section of America’s population." Apply for a Job with THC Staffing Group

6. 420 Careers

"The US marijuana industry (medical and recreational) is the fastest growing industry in the country. It is expected to grow upwards of $10 billion by 2018. This substantial growth is leading to many new jobs at marijuana-related businesses; and that is why 420careers.com was started.

Some common jobs available in the marijuana industry:

  • marijuana cultivators
  • budtenders (dispensary customer service agents or “pharmacists”)
  • product testers
  • seed brokers
  • dispensary managers
  • inventory and packaging specialists
  • trimmers
  • delivery drivers
  • accountants
  • security officers
  • consultants
  • marketers
  • sales people
  • lab testers
  • chefs/bakers
  • secretaries
  • writers
  • lawyers
  • doctors, and more…"

7. Hemp Staff

"At HempStaff we strive to find the perfect match for Employers and Employees in the Medical Cannabis Industry. While we specialize in management level medical marijuana jobs, such as Dispensary Managers, Edibles and Extraction Production Managers and Master Growers, we do staff ALL positions for marijuana cultivation centers, dispensaries, production facilities and testing labs. From Trimmers to Master Growers, Receptionists to Dispensary Managers, we’ve got your medical marijuana jobs covered! " Apply with Hemp Staff

8. Grasshopper Staffing

"Professionals. That is what we are and what we look for in talent. We have over nintey nine years combined experience in managing personnel. Our goal is to find and match high-quality people with new and innovative organizations within the Cannabis industry. We want to see everyone involved in the Cannabis industry succeed and are here to help you. Our team includes experts from all aspects of the industry who are also available for consultation. We are so excited about the future of the Cannabis industry and hope we can assist you in finding what you're looking for!" See Jobs with Grasshopper Staffing

9. Shear Solutions

"Fully licensed and completely compliant with the MMED in the State of Colorado.
We are professional, sanitary and fast. We will cater the job to your needs and our staff can adapt to any situation. Your bottom line is important to us. We will make sure that we tailor a plan that is affordable for your business. We are concerned with your patients well being. Our goal is to make your medicine look great and get the job done in a timely matter so that you can deliver the medicine to your patients when they need it. The sky is the limit for what we can do for your medicine. Need other work that is not listed? Feel free to ask!
Shear Solutions takes your privacy very seriously. When we work with you we are legally bonded to non-disclosure." Apply with Shear Solutions

10. Craigslist

Don't discount Craigslist when searching for a job in the cannabis industry. Since the industry is so new, Craigslist has been the main avenue for post openings within the retail cannabis store.  We recommend searching for keywords such as:

  • Budtender
  • MMJ
  • Dispensary
  • Medical Marijuana
  • MED Badge
  • Cannabis

Comment below if you have any other resources!

We hope this article was helpful. Good Luck out there! 

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