Top 5 Medical Cannabis Delivery Services in Canada

Yes, you can order medical cannabis online in Canada. Given you are a medical patient with a valid card, you can order cannabis from your computer to your door steps with a few clicks. 

We put together a list of the top websites to order medical cannabis in Canada. 


Thinkahlot is a new company based out of Toronto, Canada. At the time of writing this, you can pre-register for their service.  

Their approach to the new online ordering system is like no others. Thinkahlot provides you with unique, easy to understand, info cards with each strain to better help you identify how it can help your medical conditions. Each box contains 2 child proof containers containing 5g of flower each and 4 airtight vessels containing 1 pre-roll each. The company will send you 1 box a month. However, I feel they will need to allow for 2 or more boxes a month. 

Herbal Dispatch

As long as you have a doctors recommendation, or MMAR & proof of age (19+), you can sign up to get cannabis sent directly to your doorstep using Canada Xpresspost. Herbal Dispatch offers Indica and Sativa sampler packs for $103, Concentrates starting at 

Zen Leaf Delivery

Zen Leaf Delivery is one of the more well known delivery services in Vancouver, B.C. They offer Free local same-day delivery + a wide verity of cannabis products. With shatter starting at $28.00 a half gram.. your medicine can add up quickly. However, their long list of vendors proves they have something worth trying. Also, receiving a triple dose cake pop on orders over $100 isn't such a bad deal. 


Treemo Cannabis Delivery service.JPG

Treemo is a one stop shop for all thing medical cannabis. They offer free shipping on all orders $150+, they do giveaways, have a referral program, and carry a wide range of concentrates. You can gain $25 in store credit for each friend you refer! Talk about some savings.. Plus with over 25 brand names to choose from, you won't have a problem finding the right product for you. 

White Palm

White Palm is one of the more professional services for cannabis delivery that we have seen. Their website is laid out smoothly, same day approvals, great deals, and 1% of all their sales are donated to reforestation projects around North America! With over 25 strains of flower ranging from $30 - $43 a gram, you will find the right strain for what you need. 


Do you have a favorite? Write in the comments who you think should be on this list. 

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