The Frost Pipe: Ice Pipe Review

Ever smoked a pipe made from ice?

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How does The Frost Pipe - Ice Pipe work?

Ever since the Frost Pipe was released, it has made waves in the stoner community. We've all smoked from apples and various other fruits.. but Ice? Never would we have thought it was possible. Who mixes fire with water? However, you can now smoke from a pipe made from ice! So, how does it work you ask? Let us explain.

  1. Twist in the included stopper into the ice mold
  2. Fill the ice pipe mold with water of your choice. Others have used coffee, juice or colored water.
  3. Adjust the stopper if leaking is occurring. (We want a nice pipe don't we?!)
  4. Put in the freezer
  5. Wait for the pipe to form. This usually takes about 6-8 hours. We recommend doing this over night or while you are at work.
  6. Remove and twist out the stopper that forms the bowl.
  7. Run hot water along the sides of the mold without touching the ice.
  8. Fill the bottom hole with hot water and let rest on a plate upside down.
  9. Shake or use hole to push out your ice pipe.
  10. Slide into the tray and put in screen.
  11. Enjoy your newly made ice pipe!

Still a bit confused on how it works? Check out this video below.

Our review of The Frosty Ice Pipe:

Over all the directions are simple and easy to do. We froze the ice pipe once, however it didn't have a good seal. (OUR FAULT) After the second try, our pipe came out perfectly!

  • It's definitely a cool party bowl and conversation starter.
  • Easy to break in the case it needs to be destroyed immediately.
  • Cools down your smoke to provide for a nice smooth hit.
  • Your hands don't get cold due to the dip tray that is included with the ice pipe.
  • Your herbs don't get wet since the screen is folded to not touch the ice.
  • If it breaks, just make another one!
  • Nice comfortable size

Over all we give the Ice Pipe a 8/10! Highly recommended for those stoners out there that like to toke a bit differently.

Get your Frosty Ice Pipe below!

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