Do You Want To Try Free Cannabis Products?

Trial High Cannabis Testing Solutions

Do you want to try free cannabis products?

Of course, you do.  Who doesn’t?

And apparently, now you can…as a new Denver based startup has proposed to offer just that.

Trial High is a website that offers the ability to connect ‘curious cannabis consumers to cannabis companies’ allowing you to try different marijuana infused products like edibles, vape pens, and concentrates before they hit dispensary shelves in exchange for your honest feedback.

The name itself is clever, as by signing up for the service you are technically signing up to participate in ‘trials’ where cannabis companies will essentially give you a new product they are developing for you to try.  The only catch is that after you consume the cannabis, you need to be willing to give the company feedback in the form of either an online survey, interview, or focus group.  So technically, I guess you are not really getting high for free because you need to talk to some people about your experience afterwards, but far be it from me to turn down a free edible or dab every now and then if all I need to do is tell some people about how awesome or not awesome it was.

I signed up and received an email inviting me to become a ‘priority tester’ where I had to fill out some more information about my age, demographic and cannabis use habits as I guess this is how they match potential participants to the companies wanting you to test their new products.

Overall, I’m pretty excited about Trial High, as anytime I can get my hands on some free goodies you know I’m in.

If you want to become a tester, it’s super simple, you just need to go here: and fill out some basic information.  

I did it, and if you want free weed stuff, you probably should to.

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