Top Cannabis Extracts in Colorado

Tired of the same extracts? We have put together a list of the best concentrates companies in Colorado to keep your dab game strong. 

1. Craft 710

Craft Concentrates has been hitting the Colorado extracts market hard in the recent years. Besides their top notch PHO and BHO concentrates, they also produce edibles under their "Panacea" line and their topical line is on the way. The one aspect of Craft that makes them stand out on the dispensary shelves is their professional / sleek packaging and branding.   

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2. Essential Extracts

Not into solvents? Well, Essential Extracts specializes in solventless concentrates here in Colorado. You can find Essential Extracts in a large portion of dispensaries in Colorado.  Which has to mean they are doing something right. If you want to try a cleaner concentrate we would suggest giving them a try. Listen to Cannabis & Coffee #13 with Nikka from Essential Extracts

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3. Green Dot

Any dabber in Colorado knows of Green Dot Concentrates. Operating out Boulder, Colorado they produce exclusive Green Dot Sap, Cured Sugar, and Live Nector. With so many concentrates companies in Colorado, Green Dot definitely sticks out of the bunch by their extremely high quality products.

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4. Dab Tek

Dab Tek has really been on top of their game in 2016. Their  products range from Live Resin, Wax, Sugar Wax, Shatter, Activated Hash Oil.  Their concentrates are made with BHO with a closed loop system hydrocarbon extractor. With such a long list of products, you have plenty of options to choose from!

Dab Tek

5. Happy Camper

Happy Camper has been making a splash in the Concentrates market with their BHO & PHO concentrates and ultra unique packaging. Keeping it with the theme their store, their shatter / wax packaging are shaped like tents. We think they definitely have set the bar when it comes to concentrates packaging.

Happy Camper

7. Mahatma Concentrates

Mahatma has been on the Colorado market for quite some time. Being veterans in the extracts game, Mahatma has crafted up their new product "The Clear". The Clear is Solvent-Free, High THC, and All Natural Oil cartridge for vape pens. Since the release other concentrate companies have been following suit in releasing similar products.

Mahatma Concentrates

8. The Lab

The Lab has a heavy reputation in the Colorado dabber community. Produced and housed under The Clinic dispensary chain, they have no lack of pungent cannabis to blast. Their new product "Live Resin Pod" is the only cannabis cartridge for the new Pax Era vaporizer. If you haven't checked their Live Resin Batter, you should swing by a Clinic Dispensary in Colorado and pick up a gram or two.

The Lab

9.  Bolder Extracts 

Known in Boulder, Colorado for being the most heady concentrates company, their extracts are a treat to pick up. Bolder grows their own naturally treated cannabis and exclusively blasts their own products to create a ultra clean concentrates. 

Bolder extracts

10. Viola Extracts

Known by some as the top cannabis extract company in Colorado, Viola has been on top of their game. They offer products such as cannabis shatter, live resin, and distillate. If you are a dispensary owner,  they even offer processing on your trim or shake. Viola may be 10 on our list, however the numbers do not represent a level of quality. 

Viola Extracts

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