What Are Terpenes And What Do They Do?

So, what are Terpenes and how do they affect your cannabis? 

Let's break down what Terpenes are and what they do!

In its most fundamental form, a terpene is an organic compound found in plants and is responsible for it's scent and taste. Terpenes in cannabis, as in other plants, are used to deter predators and attract pollinators. 


Linalool is often described as having a lavender-like scent and can induce a powerful sedative feeling.


Limonene has a strong citrus scent and has been known to produce an overall uplift in mood.


Humulene derives its name from humulus lupulus, or common hops, and has an earthy or woody scent. Humulene can serve as an appetite suppressant.


Terpineol has a floral aroma and is known to produce a relaxing effect. This terpene is in most Indicas.


Myrcene has an earthy, fruity, clove-like scent. Myrcene's ability to stimulate the CB1 receptor more effectively than Delta-9 THC alone allows for heightened psychoactive effects.


Carene also has a woody aroma and may be the cause of the "cottonmouth and dry-eyes" effect of smoking cannabis.

geranoil terpene - insect repellent.png


Geraniol has a floral smell and is most commonly known for its powerful insect repellent properties.


Pinene as the name suggests, gives off a pine-like scent and provides increased alertness.


Caryophyllene is associated with a peppery or clove-like smell and has an overall soothing effect.


More and more cannabis companies are producing extracts or flower with information on the Terpene profile. This is the future of cannabis. 

Feel free to drop a comment on your favorite aspect of cannabis smells and flavors. 

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