What is a Budtender and what do they do?

Chances are you've been hearing the term Budtender more often. You may be asking: What is a Budtender? 

A Budtender is like a Bartender. Except for dispensing alcohol, they are dispensing cannabis from a licenced facility. 

So, what does a Budtender do exactly? 

A Budtender performs many duties in a dispensary. However, this all varies per company. Most Budtenders will perform the following tasks in a cannabis dispensary:

What is a Budtender
  • Customer Service
  • Operating a P.O.S system
  • Handling Cash
  • Answering store phones

Other tasks can be:

  • Reception Desk / Checking in customers
  • Updating inventory
  • Inventory stocking

 A Budtender should be able to provide knowledge on cannabis safety, edible dosage, local cannabis laws, the effects of strains, and answer and questions you may have.

P.S - Tip your Budtender. :)

Alex PersonComment