Beyond the Mason Jar: Advancing Cannabis Packaging

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By Grace L. Sisti

When it comes to packaging in the cannabis industry it is hard to ignore how far we have come. Gone are the days of the Mason jar and the plastic baggy (that your dealer may or may not have licked in order to seal). Although those methods of packaging do still have a strong nostalgic feel we, as consumers, have started to move on to bigger and better things. Because of the fast paced growth of the industry consumers are seeking newer and more interesting products and what is the best way to attract business as a new or emerging product? Get noticed and get noticed fast. This is why packaging remains very important. Is it easily recognizable in various settings? Does the packaging represent the product that it holds? These are the things that consumers, producers, and budtenders need to keep in mind.

With many new products on the market and consumers that may not always be aware of new products it is important to have packaging that is both eye catching and informative. There are many examples of this so I want to focus on one company that has excelled beyond most at the packaging game and has become quite the talk of the town lately: Leafs by Snoop. The reason to focus on this product is not only because of the notoriety it has gained in the industry being a celebrity product, but because it is one of the most innovative new products in terms of packaging. Leafs by Snoop offers many different forms of cannabis from different varieties of flower to gummy edibles, but the important thing to remember is you will always know it is Leafs by Snoop. The reason for this is their sleek and easily recognizable branding. The packaging focuses on a gold geometric cannabis leaf adorned with the “Leafs by Snoop” print on a clean white background. The sides or sublevels on the packaging include bold prints that are reminiscent of the southern California landscape. When you look at them you can easily see yourself under California Palms or on the beach or even smoking a blunt at a celebrity pool party. In this aspect the company is able to fully convey the typical California lifestyle that Snoop Dogg is so well known for. 

Another area that this company seems to excel at in terms of packaging is a base area that all users, be them medical or recreational, tend to be most concerned with: Is it Indica or is it Sativa? The packaging clearly marks this for the consumer, which is helpful and refreshing to see in a product that is clearly set to become a household name (if you can have such a thing in the cannabis industry).  The packaging easily designates the product at the top of containers as being either Indica or Sativa. The designation is set in a rectangle shape of bright color on a white background that presents it in a prominent enough way so as to be easily found by the consumer. 

As far as the functionality of the packaging itself Leafs by Snoop has packaging that is made in a way to allow for it to be easy to open and operate by adult consumers and not seemingly appealing to children (a concern of many people in the industry and outside the industry). The way a product opens or closes can be very important to consumers dealing with ailments such as arthritis and Parkinson’s among other things that could make some forms of packaging difficult to deal with. In this area the company does a good job of balancing easy open with a “won’t fall apart in your hands” structure. 

The way a product opens or closes can be very important to consumers dealing with ailments such as arthritis and Parkinson’s among other things that could make some forms of packaging difficult to deal with.
— Grace Sisti

Leafs by Snoop is by far one of the most advanced and prominent new products on the cannabis market and it is easy to see why when you get a good look at their packaging. The branding for this company is clearly professional and sleek with a lot of thought and effort going in to both the look and informative side of packaging. Now we can only hope the product lives up to hype, but with packaging put together like that why would you question the quality? 

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