Cannabis Storage: Sneak Guard - Safe & Responsible Storage

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How to store cannabis using Sneak Guard.

Cannabis Storage:

Sneak guard is a great storage product for cannabis consumers with kids, dogs, and or snoopy roommates. With removable dividers, The Sneak Guard allows for proper organization of cannabis strains/edibles either loose in the container or in bottles. The Humidity Control ready slot allows for a humidity regulating packet if wanted. The Sneak Guard is large enough to hold your cannabis, pipe, edibles, and a few other smoking items. As for the smell? Non-existent until you open the container. As the vacuum seal breaks, the room will fill with the pugent smell of cannabis. 

Prescription Storage:

As we get older, events happen and we tend to accumulate prescription drugs. Normally, we would keep them in a drawer or medicine cabinet. Although, that may seem like the logical step for that issue, when there are kids around it may be time to put them in safer environment. The creator, Greame, made Sneak Guard to prevent his daughter from snooping around and accidently ingesting prescription drugs. 

How does it work?:

Locking the Sneak Guard:

Locking the Sneak Guard is easy and painless. Designed to be workable with arthritic hands, It only takes a slight twist of the wrist to lock the safe. Moving the circle from open to solid tightens the lid down to the stainless steel case. 

Vacuum Sealing the Container:

The great feature about the Sneak Guard is that it vacuum seals the container. After you have locked the top, all you have to do is pump down on the top 6-8 times (Or until the red knob has been shrunken into the lid.). This is amazing for the cannabis consumer who looks after what they smoke. Making sure each time they consume their medicine it is fresh.

Opening the Sneak Guard:

Opening the Sneak Guard is satisfying. After putting in your PIN code, you can turn the lid to the open position and hear the container be filled with air. PSHHHHHHHHH! The sound alone gives you the satisfaction of knowing your items are fresh.



See unboxing photos:

We were very much impressed by the presentation and delivery of the Sneak Guard. From the box design to the cloth case... the quality shines through down to the box. 

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