Cannabis Oil - O.penVAPE Craft RESERVE Review

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Looking for the best cannabis oil on the market?

O.penVAPE is the world's largest cannabis company. Originating out of Colorado, they have since grown to be in many states across the USA. Since their growth, their cannabis oil has grown from great to incredible! 

O.penVAPE Craft RESERVE Cannabis Oil


The O.penVAPE Craft RESERVE's packaging is beautifully designed to highlight their top shelf cannabis oil. Each cannabis cartridge comes in a visually appealing cardboard box highlighting the glass cartridge and strain type. The packages comes with a wood sticker, highlighting the strain, for the collectors out there. With cannabis becoming a mainstream product, you will continue to see more innovative packaging bringing a "Normal" feel to a "Not so normal" product. In the next few years, I expect to see O.penVAPE continue to innovate and explore the look of their product in beautiful ways.

Cannabis Oil Cartridge:

O.penVAPE has stepped up their cannabis cartridges in the past year. The Craft RESERVE line holds their cannabis oil in a glass container with a metal tip. The weight of the cartridge combined with their new pen brings a well needed "weight quality" to the product.  The metal tip prevents the mouthpiece from falling off...which is a problem with other cannabis oil companies out on the market. 

Cannabis Oil Effects:

The Craft RESERVE line is one of the cleanest cannabis oils on the market. Anyone that has tried it always has the same reaction: "WOW! That tastes so good. Where did you get that?".  The O.penVAPE is perfect for working professionals, stay at home moms & dads, discreet smokers, and for those people who don't want to get absurdly high. Here is a little bit about the Craft RESERVE oil:

  • 100% same-strain terpenes. 
  • Small-batch, Artisan-crafted.
  • Clear cannabis oil
  • 250mg & 500mg cartridge sizes
  • Strain-Specific.

With each batch being hand selected, you are guaranteed to get the same tasty "Perfect Puff" every time...well.. until you run out.. then you go get more. With such clean cannabis oil, comes a clear headed high that is preferable for those that have a lot to do or need to be in the moment. Of course, if you take 6 puffs you will be pretty high.. however, 1-3 puffs every few hours will set a nice & mellow tone for the day.

O.penVAPE 2.0 Variable Voltage Battery:

O.penVAPE's new battery really steps up the game in portable vaporizers. Originally, O.pen offered two color batteries (Black & White). Paring the 2.0 with the Craft RESERVE is the perfect match. The variable voltage paired with the clean Craft Cannabis Oil is the perfect match. Here is a video explaining their new battery:

For the price, this battery provides more than most vaporizers on the market. I recommend purchasing a few and having one charged as a back up. Nothing is worse than going to puff on your pen.. only to realize it's dead. 

O.penVAPE Rewards Mobile App

O.penVAPE now has a much needed rewards app available on the Android App Store and Apple App Store. Just for signing up you receive 200 points that can be credited towards O.penVAPE products such as their new 2.0 pen, cannabis oil cartridges, go.pen Plus, Magic Buzz, and The O.NE disposable vaporizer.

How many points do I need?

  • 340 points = Magic Buzz Drink
  • 410 points = Dual logic Battery
  • 570 points = 2.0 Variable Voltage Battery
  • 1220 points = The O.NE
  • 1350 points = Original O.penVAPE 150mg Cartridge
  • 1350 points = GO.Pen Plus
  • 1720 points = Original O.penVAPE 250mg Cartridge
  • 2030 points = Craft Reserve 250mg Cartridge

Download the O.penVAPE Rewards App to see all reward levels. 

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