ioVia - Cannabis Lotion - CBD & THC

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ioVia - Cannabis Infused Lotions

ioVia is a new line of transdermal cannabis infused lotions in Colorado. Produced by Groundswell in Denver, CO, expect to see these on the shelves of your local dispensary soon.

CBD x THX x 1:1 Cannabis Lotion Line

ioVia produces multiple options in their cannabis lotion line. Whether you want a pure CBD lotion, a THC only cream, or a 1:1 CBDxTHC, they create the lotion for you. 

Reasons as to why ioVia is a better alternative to other lotions on the market:

  • Precise Dosing
  • Consistent Experience
  • Fast-Acting
  • Long Lasting
  • Mild Psychoactivity
  • Safe for Everyday Use
  • Discreet
  • Local & Systemic Use
  • Calorie-Free
  • Optimized Blends

ioVia is not your average cannabis lotion. They use a True Transdermal system for consistent delivery.

ioVia Cannabis Infused Creams are an excellent alternative to the traditional methods of cannabis use. While smoking and ingesting cannabinoids can be effective, it can be difficult to control the consistency and accuracy of dosing. iovia cannabis infused creams are a convenient and safe way to use cannabis with a controlled and precise methodology.

Most topical products currently on the market address only the top layer of the skin. iovia’s scientifically-proven True Transdermal system delivers cannabinoids (such as CBD & THC) safely and effectively through the skin.

The difference with True Transdermals is clear – simple, consistent, accurate dosage that you won’t find with any other approach to Medical Cannabis.
— ioVia

Budtenders Life Review on ioVia

ioVia was nice enough to give us a batch of their products for our personal testing. With so many new cannabis companies coming out, sometimes you say "Yeah..Yeah.. what's different about yours?". Well, ioVia knocked it out of the park. We have tried many different lotions on the market and theirs by far had the most consistent effects.


At first look ioVia's packaging is clean, professional, and complies to Colorado's child proof cannabis regulations. The delivery of the lotion is straightforward and direct. Some lotions don't have a great way to tell if you are getting the right amount. ioVia makes sure you are getting the right amount.. everytime. 


The effects of their lotion was fast and convenient. Some transdermal lotions on the market require you to apply to certain areas like the wrist or other venous areas. With ioVia, this isn't required. If you have a headache, you can apply it to your temples. If you are experiencing knee pains, apply a bit to your knee. This is possible by their true transdermal delivery system.

After 20 min, the effects were already setting in. (We used the 1:1 CBDxTHC lotion for this test.) We applied the lotion to our temples and back.  It didn't take much to get rid of the annoying pain from a past back injury. (At least for the next two hours)

Overall, we would give this product a 92 out of 100! 

Alex PersonComment