Cannabis Coffee: THC Infused Coffee by Pot-O-Coffee

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Have you heard of cannabis coffee yet? Yes, It's a real thing...And you should try it.

If you are anything like our team, we love our cannabis and we love our coffee. Pot~O~Coffee has created the best way to mix the two! If you have a Keurig Machine or a coffee machine like one, you can now pop in a cannabis coffee pod and out will come THC infused coffee.

 Let's take a look at what Pot~O~Coffee has created in their lab!

THC Infused Coffee

It's not often someone offers you a cup of cannabis coffee. That is now a possibility with Pot~O~Coffee's THC Infused Coffee Pods. Do you not require a lot of cannabis?Good thing their coffee pods come in 3 strengths: 10mg, 50mg, and 100mg.

We recommend adding a bit of butter and cream with their cannabis coffee to provide a nice frothy drink. The fat from the butter allows the caffeine and THC to give a time released effect on your body.  


CBD Infused Coffee

Not looking to get high but still want to benefit from cannabis? Pot~O~Coffee makes a Hemp-Derived CBD Infused Coffee pod that allows you to consume CBD with your morning/afternoon java. 

They exclusively use PlusCBD OIL(TM) GOLD LABEL by Cannavest to infuse all their CBD coffee pods. Medicate knowing you are drinking a non-GMO, pesticide free CBD hemp extract.

Single Serve -O-Cups

These single serve cannabis coffee cups are to be used in machine like the Keurig machines, Hamilton, Presto, or any other coffee machine that accepts the K-Cup style coffee pods. 

Single Serve Pods

Does your coffee machine not accept the K-Cup? You can use their single serve pods with a variety of different coffee makers. Enjoy each sip knowing your are getting medicated! 

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