Top Cannabis Packaging Designs

Cannabis Packaging is becoming more and more essential to cannabis brands. Here is a list of the top cannabis packaging designs we have found.

Each state as separate laws and regulations on cannabis packaging. However, this hasn't stopped some innovative designs from coming out. Most states require a childproof, opaque container or bag. As you can imagine, this causes some hurdles to overcome. Below you will find our favorite packaging designs.

1. Défoncé

Defonce is a California based cannabis chocolate company. With each bar containing 180mg of THC, their bars are split into 10mg slices. The packaging brings an elegant and classy feel to the former black market. Premium flavors like vanilla, matcha, milk, coffee, mint, dark, hazelnut, and dark+ are guaranteed to leave your mouth watering for more. 

Varavo is the first cannabis company to include braille on their packaging. Too often the blind get overlooked, but Varavo took a step out of the box to help the sightless. Also, they were one of the first California companies to apply Colorado like regulatory stamps to their packaging. Hear the CEO speak about Varavo on our podcast!


Since their release, Kiva has been making some major headway with their packaging. From their chocolates to their mints, they really hit the nail on the head. The packaging used brings a more familiar feeling to a not so familiar product. 

Moonman's Mistress is another California cannabis company. However, they do things a bit differently. All of their award winning cannabis edibles are gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and paleo driven. As a secondary, they have always focused on their design work. Their new box packaging keeps the moonman theme, while providing that WOW factor to their already awesome packaging!

More and more cannabis celebrities are producing their own line of cannabis products. Let's face it, you can't be a new cannabis company without some great packaging to go along with your products. Leafs By Snoop came into multiple states with great branding and packaging. They didn't just stop at cannabis edible packaging but took it to their concentrates, edibles, and flower

Top Shelf THC is known for providing the world's most expensive cannabis. You might have seen them on an episode of "Most Expensivest Shit" with 2 Chainz. Or maybe you've seen them in your local Hollywood collective? Wherever you may have seen them, you can't deny their canned cannabis method works. Although there isn't much information on why it's so expensive, we are eager to find out.

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