ebbu™ Bold - GENESIS - Cannabis Vape Cartridge Review

Cannabis Vape Cartridge Review | Ebbu Bold GENESIS

ebbu is a relatively new company in the Cannabis Industry. Originally, they started off as a Cannabis Extraction company for companies looking to blast their trim or flower. Since they started they have moved onto focusing on their own extracts.

Introducing The Ebbu BOLD Line

I have had the pleasure to get my hands on an ebbu Bold GENESIS Vape Cartridge and Pen. I have to say, this cannabis cartridge is by far better than any other on the market. Most cannabis vape cartridges extract per strain and very per cartridge. Example: one cartridge may be Strawberry Diesel or Blue Dream both with completely different testing and THC percentages. However, with ebbu BOLD they are taking a Coca Cola approach to their cartridges. Meaning: If you buy two cartridges from opposite sides of the state, you know it will be the same potency.

How the taste?

When I was first handed the GENESIS cartridge, I could smell the Terpene filled oil just by smelling the tip. They use proprietary methods to formulate a well rounded terpene profile, while keeping the potency consistent across the board. When you are exhaling the oil, the taste of mouth watering terpenes linger while the onset begins. 


We believe in a world where you stay up later or dream a bit longer. Where you laugh out loud more often or crack a smile from much needed relief. Where you say ‘yes’ more often than ‘no’ and never run out of stories when sharing time with your friends.

We believe in the goodness of cannabis. We believe it can make people’s lives better…and possibly even change the world. We believe that science can unlock the natural magic of cannabis. Our passion is to help you elevate your experiences through healthy products you can trust. Our reward is knowing that your journey is that much better.

Climb that mountain, hold hands with the one you love, chill out on that couch you should have thrown away years ago. Whatever your path, whoever you are - enjoy every experience.

ebbu™. It’s Your Journey.
— Ebbu.com

How potent is the oil?

ebbu really takes it to another level with their cannabis oil. They have created a proprietary formulation of cannabinoids and terpenes to enhance the effect of THC at human Cannabinoid Receptor 1 (CB1). By doing this, GENESIS has effects that longer lasting, potent, but creates a clear headed experience perfect for any social setting. If you have smoked other cannabis vape pens on the market, you will know this oil is different from the others. 

ebbu Feelings:

ebbu Feelings is a new line of products they are coming out with that allow you to choose how you want to feel and the experience you have. Feeling Chill? How about Creative? This product line will be a game changing line of cannabis products.

Final Review

This Vape Cartridge is A+. Coming from someone that consistently smokes cannabis vape pens more than flower, I will vouch for this one. If you see it on your dispensary's shelve, I would seriously consider picking one up. 

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