Cannabis Delivery Services in Los Angeles

Looking for weed delivery in Los Angeles, California? Lucky for you there are plenty of grade A companies that will deliver cannabis directly to your door step. At the moment, you still need a medical marijuana card. However, it won't be too long before these companies will offer recreational cannabis delivery.


Speed Weed is one of the more well known cannabis delivery services in Los Angeles. They offer overnight or same day delivery for patients holding a medical card. Their massive selection will blow your expectations out of the water. 

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2. Kushfly

Kushfly is an online collective serving the greater Los Angeles area. You will find High end Flower, Suckers, Vape pens, and Cannabis Concentrates available for you to order on their large database. Pick from over 200 products to be delivered directly to your door step.

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3. Ganjarunner

Boasting 140 reviews at a 4.9 rating, Ganjarunner is one of the highest rated cannabis delivery services in Los Angeles. They are constantly running amazing promotions, and deals including 10% off all flower. Open from 10am-10pm, you will be able to get your medicine whenever is convenient for you.

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4. Green Door West

Green Door West offers fast registration, many well-priced products, and delivery tracking. Expect your cannabis quickly because they promise a 60 minute delivery time. As a bonus, Green Door West serves more areas than any other cannabis delivery service. See here.

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5. Pot Valet

Looking for your pot to be valeted to you? Pot Valet offers 24-48 hour delivery.. so if you are not in a hurry, this is a great service to use. Their Loyalty program is a great perk to their service and allows patients to get money back on their purchase!

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