Exploring Music with Prism House’s Samantha Montanaro and Yoganja’s Kristen Mico

Exploring Music with Prism House’s Samantha Montanaro and Yoganja’s Kristen Mico

Sam Montanaro and Kristen Mico share five songs with cannabis in mind.

“Roman Guitar” by Tony Mottola

Oh Tony, take me away with your uplifting, silly and sweet stringed sounds. Life’s in 24 mm. Ease on in and picture yourself wherever you would like to be. Don’t worry about a thing. Weed is legal now (YES!) and this song captures that bright green light in my heart and parades it around on a desert dusted pony. Time to pack up that bowl.


“Stuck in the Middle with You” by Stealers Wheel

“Clowns to the left of me jokers to the right.” Ain’t that the truth. It’s a timeless sentiment and this song’s nostalgic effect on us brings a momentary peace. This song reminds you that jam circles are actual medicine and that you really do love folk music. It makes us happy every time and is paired with fond adolescent memories of smoking many-a-bowl with that crazy uncle behind the shed at awkward family gatherings.


“Coconut” by Harry Nilsson

Coconut evokes giggles, back up vocal temptations and really light finger dancing with the occasional snap, tap or clap. Add a shimmy that reeks of being tiki-drunk on the dance floor. It feels great, doesn't it?! Ya know, sometimes it’s nice just to know the words to a simple song. Let loose, yell for your doctor! You are guaranteed to feel better.


“Harlem River” by Kevin Morby

Make sure the candles are lit and get the lights down low for this epic groove. At nine minutes and 15 seconds, this song is perfect to maintain that sweet elevated state. Kevin Morby’s voice is sexy, haunting and enchanting. The dainty cymbal work makes us feel light and a little dancey, but mostly super chill and really, really good.


“Down By The Seaside” by Led Zeppelin

Alright everyone, throw your arm around the living thing next to ya, give a fond smile to your neighbor and ask, “are ya hungry?” Grab a snack and end your sesh with an all time fav. Get the Led out with your Bonham air-drumming, Jimmy-jamming and Plant pelvic-thrusting. Maybe cut some weird John Paul Jones bangs. Whatever. Get on with your bad self and enjoy that perfect cannabis comedown to one of the sweetest jams ever. I still wanna get a zoso tattoo.

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Samantha Montanaro

Prism House is owned and run by Samantha (Sam) Montanaro, a multi-media artist, graphic designer, party-thrower, gardener, musician and mom. Prism House offers a variety of services including the rental of Sam’s community space and home for intentional gatherings, full spectrum graphic design, event coordination and urban farming. She is known for Yoganja, Puff, Pass and Paint Portland, industry meet ups and infused dinner parties. Sam’s cannabis catalog is expanding in 2017 to include Tokeativity, consumption events for women, by women, cannabis cooking classes in collaboration with noted chef Leather Storrs and an exciting budding partnership with Jesce Horton and Saints Cloud.

Kristen Mico

Kristen Mico is a videographer, producer and creative director at Brave Alice Productions. Her current project is a environmental documentary in partnership with Connor DeVane of Hike The Divide, highlighting the progress in the climate movement happening through collaboration of many peoples. Occasionally, she moonlights as a Yoganja instructor at Prism House to combine her knowledge of movement as medicine with plant medicine. Follow her at @brave.alice.productions and @kristenalicemico.

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