Hanging out with Kushy Punch - California Cannabis Edible Company

Welcome Kushy Punch to Budtenders Life! Kushy Punch has been on another level in the California cannabis industry for quite sometime. We talk how Kushy Punch was started, the positive things they are doing, and where they are going.


Q: Hey! How’s it going over at the Kushy Punch office today?

A: Just another day in paradise, busy at work, currently working on some new product updates to roll out for the patients! 

Kushy Punch Packaging - Photograph by Kushy Punch

Kushy Punch Packaging - Photograph by Kushy Punch

Q: A quick look at your website shows you guys know what you are doing. What was the inspiration behind Kushy and how did it become what it is today?

A: Kushy Punch was born and bred from the need to have a healthier option to medicate with rather than super sweet dessert confections that are out on the market. Many people would love to try cannabis but are not down with Smoking or Vaping, the gummy became an easier entry point for patients to try for the first time as well as experienced users looking for more portable and potent ways to medicate. 

“Prior to Kushy Punch, I was heavily invested in creating a few online dating platforms that were highly successful.”
— Kushy Punch

Q: What were you doing before you got into the cannabis industry?

A: Prior to Kushy Punch, I was heavily invested in creating a few online dating platforms that were highly successful. Once they were sold, I was on the hunt for a new worthwhile project. 

Q: So, you have won 7 awards and in 600+ dispensaries? Impressive! What do you attribute to your success so far?

A: I think now we’re closer to 1,000+ now actually. Consistency is always key, the fact of the matter is, we’re patients too, we’ve medicated with other products and have had good and bad experiences. If we want people to trust Kushy Punch as medicine, we have to put in the effort to make sure its the same product every time. That also means we constantly innovate and have our ears to the ground, we love hearing from our patients and caregivers. This helps us be proactive and ready to change/adjust when necessary. 

Q: Kushy Punch does a lot of charity work huh? Can you explain how you give back to people and the world?

A: We’re living in confusing times right now, for lack of a better term. In our industry we’ve seen people who are in it for profits as well as people who know the weight of their caregiving responsibilities. But it doesn’t just stop at the products, we’ve personally become invested with “doing the right thing” wherever and whenever that makes sense. We champion various causes concerning Hunger, Wildlife Conservation, and the Environment, but above all, we want to make sure that we can make a real impact on someone’s life, rather than just writing a check. 

Q: What makes Kushy Punch stand out from other edible companies on the market?

A: Constant innovation and moving forward to the best end product we can create. That means perfecting a custom machine to help ramp up our production, to keep up with increasing demand. Our pure oil, extraction, and infusion process is what makes this different from just sprayed bulk candy. What you’re left with is 99% of the cannabinoids and terps; the stuff that actually matters. Presentation is crucial. The silver reflective material is eye catching. Whether or not you’re interested in edibles, if you see this in a store counter, you’ll want to know what Kushy Punch is. Advertising is also another thing; memorable, fun images that always stick with you. We want to be on your mind, we’ve been able to achieve that in a short amount of time.

Q: Are you ready for recreational cannabis in California? What changes do expect to make in the way you operate?

A: We’re getting ready, its only a matter of time before we know the exact rules and regulations we need to adhere to. We can anticipate some changes based on the other recreational states, Colorado has been the biggest example and we continue to monitor the state to see trends and prepare ourselves for the potential future.

Q: How important are terpenes when it comes to cannabis edibles and extracts and why?

A: Incredibly. When it comes to creating medicines or products that can target certain ailments and conditions, terpenoids will amplify that. Why have just the power of cannabinoids when you can synergize the effects with Terps?

Q:  How did the Kushy Vape come to be? Any inspiration behind it?  

A: To continue the theme of potent and portable medicine, we wanted to do something for the vapers out there. Vaping is an awesome way to take advantage of most of the THC content the plant has to offer. When you smoke, you’re burning a nice percentage of it before its absorbed. Since the vape is utilizing the oil from our Pure Oil THC Syringe, we are confident we have one of the MOST potent THC vapes on the market.

Q: When it comes to Edible education, what does Kushy provide the user? How important is it to inform users on how to use edibles?

A: Through our website, we share articles and blog pieces surrounding the world of cannabis as well as our own product. We also have an open communication channel through Social media or email, our responsive customer service team will walk you through any question or concern. We ensure that patients can also talk to their local budtenders about the products, as they have been educated and briefed on all info. A good amount of the budtenders already know the candy since they’re already our customers! 

Q: Do you have any advice for someone who is looking to get into the edibles business?

A: Think about something that people need, find a way to provide that realistically at a good price point, neat package, take care of consistency, 3rd party lab test, there's no reason why you can’t start your own. In a legal state of course! 

Q: Last question! What are you most grateful for at this very moment?

A: We’re grateful for having the opportunity to better anyone’s life. I think what makes us smile the most is seeing the perceptions of Cannabis change over time, we’re apart of the stigma shift and will continue to shine a positive light. We’ve come across thousands of people from all walks of life and somehow they all found us, its a humbling moment to reflect on. This is our motivation everyday. The motivation that allows us the strength to get out of bed and help patients and caregivers alike.

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