Shine Papers - Dave - Cannabis & Coffee #24

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Starting and running Shine Papers - 24k Gold Rolling Papers.

About Shine:

It’s 4am in Vegas… we just got off the floor and headed to the room. Earlier in the night we smoked a Black Tie Cigar ( and we really want to put gold on everything. We blaze up and start spinning ideas. The sad thing about a gold cigar is that most people can’t afford it. And, it’s a blast to be smoking gold at a party.

How could we let everyone in on it. We talked about hookas, pipes, and blunts. But, when we landed on the idea of gold rolling papers it seemed perfect. Everyone could share them and be rolling into a party with gold joints (oh, excuse me – joints made of only the finest “legal herbal blends”).

We’ve developed several other products and decided to start experimenting over the next few weeks. After test, after test and lot’s of gold ashes, we had the perfect mix of gold on the outside and a perfectly consistent burning paper on the inside. The new gold version even stayed lit longer and burned better, leaving gold in the ashes.

Since those days we have perfected the samples, protected the process & product by filing all the legal crap, and are ready to share the papers with everybody.

So, Shine Papers is the inventor of the worlds first ever 24 karat gold rolling paper. The brand quickly gained popularity and became the "go to" brand for those who celebrate all of life's highs.

Not only do Shine Papers turn every head in the room, but the papers also burn extremely slow while also leaving behind a "gift" in the ashtray. Yup, the gold stays on your ashes which is refer to as "the gems" but unfortunately you cannot pawn your ashes (the question gets asked all of the time).

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