Ultimate Guide for the Colorado Cannabis Industry

Ultimate Guide for the Colorado Cannabis Industry

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Looking to get into the cannabis Industry? 

Save yourself countless hours of searching the web by downloading this ultimate guide to the Colorado cannabis industry. In this downloadable, you receive a guide on how and where to get MED Occupational Badge, MED application, a resume template, and resources from a budtender on what cannabis companies are looking for.

Get a list of dispensaries in Colorado.

With this download, you receive a list of 600+ dispensaries in Colorado. You get their name, address, and phone number. This will save you time finding dispensaries in your area. OR if you are starting a new cannabis related company, a list of every dispensary in Colorado will help you out quite a bit. 

List of the top Colorado edibles companies.

Not interested in working or contacting dispensaries? We provide you with a list of the top edibles companies in Colorado. You receive their name, type of products they produce, and their website. Again, this saves you valuable time.

List of top concentrate companies in Colorado

With the interest in concentrate companies rising, it's best to get in now. We have compiled a list of top Colorado concentrates companies and their websites.

What comes with this download?

  • How and where to gain residency in Colorado.
  • How and where to obtain your Colorado MED Occupational Badge. (Required by the state of Colorado to work in the industry)
  • MED Occupational Badge Application
  • Tips from a cannabis professional on applying to companies.
  • Resume Template for applying to cannabis companies.
  • A list of Cannabis Temp Companies to help you get in the industry quickly.
  • Over 600+ Dispensaries names, addresses, and phone numbers to optimize your chances of getting a job near you.
  • Over 15+ Edible company's names and websites to help you get in contact with the leaders in the Colorado edibles industry.
  • List of over 15+ Concentrate companies and their websites.